Autism Acceptance Month

With the spring in bloom and the blue skies on the horizon, what better time to talk about the positive and insightful podcast hosted by Richard Bass for Autism Acceptance Month. An event that takes place every year in the month of April.

Thetford Farm Estate’s Finance and Operations Director Trina Britton linked up with Richard, as a parent of an autistic child and member of the group A.C.H after seeing a post from Richard requesting support towards his insightful and informative podcast, The Autism Creative Hub.

A.C.H is a group founded by a lady called Bex Ollerton, a comic artist from Lancashire. Her aim is to raise awareness of mental health conditions and neurodiversity through working with other Autistic creatives in an attempt to try and break down misconceptions and stereotypes of autism.

Special Podcast Series

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month Richard hosted a special podcast series discussing autism, ADHD, and neurodiversity. Richard has always been an advocate for inclusivity and understanding. Diagnosed at 36 with Autism and a father to autistic children, Richard eloquently interviews many career inspiring adults in the pursuit of their successes.

75% of autistic adults are not employed

Richard explains “The podcast came about while I was researching for a comic I was writing for the A.C.H. We talked about how 75% of autistic adults are not employed. It occurred to me that I know a lot of autistic adults who have very cool and successful careers in interesting areas and that their stories could help other autistic people to figure out what they could do, and perhaps who to speak to.

It has been great so far. I feel like every interview is a rush of excitement. Hearing what people have achieved. Noticing the patterns, how most fell into the original idea and grew it from there. I am already seeing key patterns form and a lot of it is relatable to my own past so that makes it easier to discuss on the show as we can exchange stories a little.”

In this podcast, Richard is joined by guests who are experts in the field of autism and neurodiversity, as well as individuals who are on the autism spectrum themselves. Together, they explore the challenges and opportunities that come with being neurodivergent, and share insights on how we can all work together to create a more accepting and accommodating society.

Whether you are on the spectrum or simply interested in learning more about autism and neurodiversity, this podcast series is inspiring.

If you would like to get in touch with the A.C.H. community you can do so on twitter; Richard Bass is @rb6k and the founder of the group, Bex Ollerton is @Schnumn.