Sustainability & Conservation

In partnership with natureā€¦

Just some of the ways we are working with nature whilst still supporting our need for food.

Food for nature, not just us.

During the summer you will see areas dedicated to flowering plants providing food for bees, hoverflies and butterflies among others. Wild bird cover, as well as flowering during the summer months will also then provide seeds during the winter months for wild birds.

New or Old?

Our crop rotations help reduce pests and weeds as well as improve soil health with different crops supplying a different uptake of nutrients. Cover crops with plants such as clover and vetch help increase our organic matter, putting nutrients back into the soil. Although often talked about as modern these methods date back as far as 6000 BC!

The value of dirt.

Understanding our soil is a critical part of sustainable farming. Soil health is a complex and fascinating area of our working life. We get as much joy out of the number of worms we see, as any child would.

Bourne North Fen Project

We are proud to support this conservation project to restore some of our endangered peat-fenland. This habitat provides a home for iconic species such as bittern, crane and greater water parsnip.